Bank account with Payoneer

We have recently partnered with Payoneer, who help business open up international bank accounts globally, within 1-2 business days – being our payment provider of choice.


With COVID, traditional bank accounts are harder than ever to open up. Payoneer solve this problem for you and can open accounts for free for your business. All accounts are setup online, with a simple KYC process.


Payoneer open accounts up for companies based anywhere around the world and allow you to move money around the world cost-effectively.


Global Payment Service

  • Free localised bank accounts in 10 currencies – no fee to setup. Incl. GBP, USD, EUR.
  • Market-leading rates for any currency conversions and international payments
  • GBP/EUR/USD MasterCard
  • Free VAT service across the UK and EU
  • No fees for maintenance, to receive, or to hold funds


Payoneer send payments for leading businesses around the world – such as Walmart, Amazon and Airbnb – sending over $40bn per year in payments.


Please register for a Payoneer account and receive a $25 reward on the following link: 

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